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Hair elixir

Hair elixir

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Hair serum made from rosemary,  castor, coconut and jojoba oil, 30 ml

-Rosemary Oil:

  - Stimulates hair growth

  - Helps prevent hair loss

  - Adds shine and luster to hair


- Jojoba Oil:

  - Moisturizes the scalp

  - Strengthens hair strands

  - Controls dandruff


- Castor Oil:

  - Promotes hair growth

  - Conditions hair

  - Thickens hair strands


- Coconut Oil:

  - Moisturizes and conditions hair

  - Adds shine to hair

  - Protects hair from environmental damage


These oils work together in a hair serum to provide a range of benefits, including promoting hair growth, improving hair health, moisturizing, and adding shine to your hair.

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